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Nabil Abou Hamad is a British-Lebanese visual artist primarily active as a painter in oil, acrylic and mixed media.  He is one of the last surviving members of the 1960s Beirut circle known as the "Artists of the Horseshoe"—a gathering of creatives who frequented the Horseshoe café in Beirut's Hamra street during the city's heyday as the Middle East's hub of free expression, liberal lifestyles and intellectualism.  Still active and prolific in output, Nabil's œuvre to date spans over six decades, fluctuating between periods of experimentation in genres that range from the fauvist, to the primitivist, to the abstract expressionist and their hybrids.  Figurative, and focused primarily on the human form, usually with reduced or merely suggested facial features, his artworks are readily identifiable by bold strokes and textured, often relief-like sculpturesque layers, usually incorporating palettes of hot, warm, fresh or tropical colours that stimulate the senses and inspire states of relaxation, tranquility, passion and excitement.  This website serves as an online gallery showcasing samples of Nabil's art across the varying periods of his multi-decade career, in addition to a biography page.  For exhibition and sales enquiries, please refer to the contact section of this website.     

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